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Duke McCool

Duke McCool's introduction trailer to the DTU.


Appearance of Duke McCool in the live action Dragon Tales Movie.

Welcome to the Duke McCool wiki page for Dragon Tales.


Duke McCool was introduced into the Dragon Tales Universe as the douche-bag cousin to Max and Emmy. Later it is revealed that Duke is actually Max from the future. In the episode "Cum on it's Dragon Tales", Max enters a sleazy strip joint looking for Ord's bookie so he can retrive the money that he bet on the Cock fight that Leonard was hosting, while also looking for the body of a dead hooker that Zak and Wheezie had recently killed after a hard night of drugs and partying. In his search Max finds a hooker and is given a choice to take the red pill or the blue pill. When Max takes the blue an alternate reality is created where he becomes a raging alcholic and gambler. In the Alternate Universe Duke McCool shoots Lorca paralyzing him. He escapes into the real dimension while escaping the feds. He gained such a following that women and men alike would explode in orgasmic passion whenever he looked directly into the camera. He is now president of the Dragon Tales Universe. His catch phrase is "Fuck You!" It is shown that he is a fan of his cousin Roman and big American titties. He also has a pet name Giovanni Dogssi.

Gender Man as Fuck
Age  68
Species American
Relatives Doesn't need a family
Friends Carl Weathers, Zac Efron, Ryan Gosling
Enemies Everyone
Voiced By John St John
First Apperance The Big Bang

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