6-(Seasons 1-2), 8 (Season 3)
Max (brother)
Pooky (formerly)
Voiced by
First Appearance

Emmy is the adorable and very beautiful 6-8 year old leader of the group and is the main protagonist of Dragon Tales. In addition to her cuteness and beauty, Emmy is brave, smart and good-natured. She is supremely confident in her abilities. She can be found marching into the Forest of Darkness without fear, even though she may be holding Max's hand to make "him" feel better. She usually believes that she's right and emphasizes it with her signature slogan "Definitely!". However, her overconfidence can sometimes land her and her friends in a heap of trouble and that's where the learning begins. In the summertime, Emmy wears a 1-piece red swimsuit in “Zak Takes a Dive” and “Sand Castle Hassle”. In A Crown for Princess Kidoodle, she wore a lovely red short-sleeved knee-length party dress with yellow cuffs and sash tied into a bow in the back, white tights and red strapped Mary Jane shoes.


Emmy has long, brown hair with a ponytail at the back. She wears small white pearl earrings although in some episodes, her earrings are yellow and has brown eyes. She wears a light blue sleeveless button-front dress, a red t-shirt, white ankle high socks and red sneakers with white trim, soles and laces.


  • Emmy sometimes argues with Max.
  • She rarely cries, in fact the only episode in which the audience sees her cry is “No Hitter”.
  • Emmy's hair looks similar to the hair of Lynn Loud from "The Loud House"


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