Emmy says save me im a mermaid
Emmy as a mermaid
Outta this house - Jontron

Outta this house - Jontron

Emmy wishes she can see a real mermaid just like her new mermaid doll and the book, but she knows they aren't real and make her unhappy. So Max and Enrique took her in dragonland to make her happy. The dragons took them to a School in the Sky cause Quetzal is telling a story. Quetzal ask anyone which story they can tell, so Emmy goes first and ask to tell about the mermaids. Everyone is impressed, Emmy said to she wish to see real mermaids. So Queztal tells about it and made Emmy happy. Quetzal told Emmy is she wish to see the real mermaids, they had to go to the sea and find the big rock shape like a diamond and there they can find the real mermaids at Mermaid Cove. Emmy and her friends set off, Emmy is excited to see the mermaids. Her brother Max told her don't get too carried away. So they find Mermaid Cove and saw real live mermaids. Everyone is surprised and that made Emily very happy. When the wind blows Emily's hair ribbon away, she has to catch it. But suddenly she fall off Cassie's back and about to fall in the water. So the little mermaid girl and her mother caught her just in time and save her. Emmy thank them and introduce themselves. Rainbow the little mermaid and her mother show Emmy and her friends their home and their special places. So Rainbow and her four sisters and five brothers turn them into real mermaids and bring underwater. Emmy and  her friends are having fun to be a mermaid under the water. When the sun is setting Emmy and her friends had to get home. Emmy feels sad about leaving new mermaid friends, Rainbow and her mother give Emmy  the beautiful mermaid a crystal necklace so she can visit them anytime she wants. That made her very happy and had tears of joy. Rainbow's brother Hazel turn them back into real humans and dragons. They say goodbye and set for home and Emmy will never forget her real mermaid friends. So Emmy, Max, and Enrique went back home to the playroom. Emmy plays her new doll, while she reads a book she look shocked. She looks happy and show Max and Enrique a different picture page and saw it was Rainbow the little mermaid and her family.

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emmy as a mermaid is back

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