File:Boss - Big Arms (Sonic 3 Final Boss) - Sonic Generations (3DS) Music Extended
 Enrique is excited cause he and his family are going to a zoo see the animals and fish. Max and Emmy are excited about it and wishes they can go see the zoo too. When the dragon scale glows, that means the dragons are calling them. So they set off to Dragonland, when they got here all the School in the Sky dragon students are in line. Zak, Wheezie, Ord, and Cassie told them they having a field trip and going to a zoo. Max, Emmy, and Enrique are excited and tags along. Quetzal tolds the students they have animals and even fish. So they all set off and have fun for a field trip. When they all got here in the zoo, everyone are so excited. They saw some animals and even fish. When Enrique saw colorful swimming around the water than he saw it was a rainbow fish. Enrique is so excited and amazed, and so was all the students. Enrique wants to stay and look at the rainbow fish. But he knows he had to stay with the group and never get lost. He says goodbye and set off with the others. All students are very hungry, Quetzal saw big picnic and they all sit down and eat a ate. Enrique ask Quetzal if he go see the rainbow fish he saw after he finish snack, Quetzal says yes and let Max, Emmy, and the dragons come with you. Enrique show them its a beautiful rainbow fish he saw today so he name that fish Starlight. When Enrique notices Starlight is very sad so he and friends went to talk to Quetzal. Enrique explains that Starlight the rainbow fish doesn't look happy. So Quetzal explains he from in the ocean and got home sick. Enrique feels sorry for the fish and decided to talk to the zoo keeper. Quetzal talks to the zoo keeper about the rainbow is home sick and miss his home at the ocean. Enrique tries to make him happy and feel better, but the rainbow fish look sad alittle. Quetzal got back to talk the zoo keeper, he said the zoo keepers decided let the fish goes that he'll be happy where he belongs. Kids and dragons all excited but Enrique is sad, he is sad his new is leaving and won't be his friend no more. Quetzal wants Enrique to understand that he never lose a friend that you made, Enrique understands alittle and decided to take him where he belongs. Enrique decide to take a ocen trip for a field trip, that make the students more excited. When they off to the sea Starlight the rainbow fish is happy. When the kids and the dragons says goodbye to Starlight, the sad most of all is Enrique. Enrique wave goodbye to Starlight and come see him again. Starlight smiled and jump back to the ocean where he belongs. The gang try to cheer him up and Enrique smiled and never you friends just like you, so they all give each other a hug. Enrique and his saw it was Starlight the Rainbow Fish jumping up in the sky and jump in the water, Enrique wave and laugh very happy. So Enrique, Emmy, and Max went back home to the playroom, they color a picture. Enrique draw a picture of a rainbow fish himself that reminded him of Starlight. And Max and Emmy agreed and they continue coloring.

But enough about me, lets kill you