Concept video for the start of the episode.

Picture of me 82

An early picture for the design of the character.


Gio Dogssi is a concept character for an episode of Dragon Tales titled "Welcome to the Rice Fields". It was highly offensive and had an affinity with male genitalia and any joke that was about said genetalia. It's catch phrase was "I'll show you 'ruff'". It was to be Enrique's new dog and Emy's lover (though the studio handling the episode was shut down days after pitching the idea). Know as a beloved cult character "" has created a petition known as "Free the male genetalia loving dog-man back" to make one last episode for the series finale of the show.

Gender Not Determined
Species Dog-Man
Age 69
Relatives Lil B (Based God), Filthy Frank, Dog Man
Friends Westboro Baptist Church, Robert Bowling, Shia LeBouf
Enemies The World, Christians, Jews, Buddihsts
Voiced By Nolan North (Chosen voice actor)
First Apperiance Welcome to the Rice Fields

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