Goodbye Little Caterpoozle
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Season: 1
Production code: 104
Broadcast number: 4
Written by:
Jeffrey Scott
Broadcast Information
PBS Kids Premiere:
September 7, 1999
Paired with
To Kingdom Come
Goodbye little caterpoozel

Cassie brings her pet caterpoozle, Poosie, along to hop on some mushrooms with her friends. However, she discovers that Poosie has gone missing, but later learns that she is changing into a butterfairy.

Episode Summary

There is no summary

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especially if you are I Am Monkey Boy

Memorable Quotes

Max: "I thought Poozy was a caterpuzzle."

Quetzal: "Caterpoozle, Max. And she was, but caterpoozles, like many other creatures, change as they grow up, just like you'll change, Maxito."

Max: "Into a bug?!"

Quetzal: "No! Into a man."

Wheezie (finds a Horse Fly): Cassie will love this one.

Zak: Eeww!

Wheezie: What do you think Cassie? It's a Horse Fly.

(Horse Fly neighs)

Cassie: Uh, no thanks Wheezie.

Zak (finds a Furit Fly): Uh, how about this one Cassie? Neat Fruit Fly, huh?

Fruit Fly: Fruity tutie rootie.

Cassie: It's cute, Zak.

Max: I found one. I found one.

(Stinky-Dink roams)

Ord: D-d-don't get to close, Max.

Max: Why not?

Ord: Cause it's a Stinky-Dink.

(Stinky-Dink sprays Max with a foul-smelling smoke-like substance)

Max: Pee-eww!

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