(at the playroom. the kids are finish coloring book)

Enrique: How it looks?

Max: It looks good.

Emmy: Nice coloring you two. I finish my coloring.

Enrique: Well, what are you want to do?

Max: Let's play Hide and Seek.

Emmy: Okay.

Max: I'll be it.

(Emmy and Enrique went to hide)

Max: One two three four five six seven eight nine ten! Ready or not here I come.

(he went to find his sister and friend)

Max: Come out where ever you're hiding.

(than the dragon scale glows)

Max: Look the dragons are calling.

Emmy: Calling?

Enrique: Calling?

Max: Ha! Found you both.

Emmy: Hey, no fair.

Enrique: No fair.

Max: How about we play a game until we get back.

Emmy: Okay.

Enrique: Vamonos.

(they get the dragon scale)

Kids: I wish, I wish. With all my heart. To fly with dragons, and a land apart.

(the dragons came out the wallpaper and spin the kids and they set off the dragonland)

(than they arrived to Dragonland)

Ord: Hi Max.

Cassie: Hi Emmy.

Zak & Wheezie: Hi Enrique.

Emmy and Max: Hi.

Enrique: Hola.

Max: Why do you call us?

Cassie: Because we had special guest coming in Dragonland.

Enrique: Really?

Wheezie: Yes. I can't wait to meet him.

Ord: Me too.

Emmy: Well let's go.

(they set off and arrived to School in the Sky playground)

Zak: We made it.

Max: Just in time.

Quetzal: Hola ninos.

Dragons and Kids: Hola Quetzal.

Quetzal: I would you like to make meet Mannaquin, he's new here in Dragonland.

Cassie: Hi, I'm Cassie.

Wheezie: I'm Wheezie.

Zak: I'm Zak.

Ord: My name is Ord.

Enrique: Soy Enrique.

Max: My name's Max. And this is my sister Emmy.

Emmy: Hi.

Mannaquin: Nice to meet you all. But you can call me Manny for short.