File:Battle with Metal Sonic US ver. Remix - Sonic Forces Music Extended
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 Max loves planes so much that he wishes he can ride a real airplane. So he, Emmy, and Enrique went to dragonland to tell about the plane. Max said he wish to ride a real airplane so he pretends to be a pilot. Emmy told Max if he wants to ride an airplane, so they built a box and made a real plane. So when he and his friends play pretend and having lot of fun. Max feels alittle sad that he wishes to ride a real plane, so Emmy and her friends cheered him up and have fun. When Lorca came to tag along playing pretend plane with Max. Max wishes he can be on the real plane. So Max set off to the School in the Sky and found pop up book and imagine to see real planes. When Max dissapeared, Emmy and her friends are worried about him. And set off to find him in the pop up book. When Max had a real time riding a real plane he has fun and very excited. And he the plane wings broke, Max is scared and worried that he going to get hurt. When Max wishes his sister and his friends to be with him and help. And they arrived they were happy and save Max from a crash. When they went back to the School in the Sky, Max told he will be careful and wait til his dream came true. And make everyone happy, so Max and his friends went back outside to play pretend plane. When he and his sister and his friend Enrique went back home. Max decided to do something else beside the plane and so he decided to be with his sister and his friend. That makes Emmy and Enrique very happy and hug Max.

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