Its Christmas Eve, Emmy and Max finished writing letters to Santa Claus. Max and Emmy wishes they want Crystal Meth.. So they set off to Dragon Land to help putting Christmas decorations. Zak and Wheezie finised wrapping their parent's gifts. Ord helps her mom makes Christmas sweets, and Cassie finish writing letter to Santa, she wants most of that she wishes her big brother Theodore stays home and celebrate Christmas together. After the gang is done, they go to visit Chilly the snowman and his snow dog Nippy and play with in the snow. Chilly ask them to help decorate their ice snow Christmas tree. So they gang help decorate; to put crystals, icycle candy canes, presents, and put a star up on the tree. Now they're gone they can go play in the snow, when Max and Emmy feels happy and now they feel very sad. They told them they wish their Uncle Roberto can stay and visit Christmas, and Cassie feels sad too she wish her big brother Ted can stay home and celebrate Chrismas together. So they went sledding and ice skating. Suddenly the ice break and Max and Emmy are in trouble, they about to go near the waterfall. The dragons has to save their friends, they grab the rope and caught Emmy and Max to safety. So they decide to make snow angels, they made Cassie, Emmy, and Max feel better. They play snow balls and everything and they had a good time. When its time for them to leave, they wave goodbye and tell Merry Christmas to Chilly and Nippy. When they got back home, Cassie is suprised her big brother is staying home for Christmas. That Cassie happy and rush to give him a big hug. Emmy and Max are happy Cassie got her brother home for the holiday, they felt very sad and think about their uncle. So Cassie, Ord, Zak, and Wheezie can make them happy to draw a picture and make a memory book. Max and Emmy thinks its a good idea, so the gang went inside have hot chocolate and warm cookies and begin to write a memory book. Max and Emmy felt better and happy thinks its a wonderful idea. After they're done, Max and Emmy are very happy and decide to give their uncle a Christmas present. When they heard Christmas Caroler's singing and join in, they had a wonderful Christmas ever and celebrate in Dragonland. When Max and Emmy went back home, they still had their Uncle's present they made and little help from their dragon friends. When they heard their parents calling, they want them downstairs cause they a surpise. When Emmy and Max got downstairs are stocked, there is Uncle Roberto sitting in the couch. Max and Emmy tear of joy and rush to give him a big hug. And they gave their present to their uncle and he loves it very much. They got their wish to have their Uncle to come to visit and stay for Christmas holiday.

Max and Emmy's Christmas is an Episode on Season One.