(at the playroom; Max, Emmy, and Enrique are wrapping Christmas presents)

Max: Look, I'm getting this nightlight for Ord so he won't be afraid of the dark.

Emmy: That's very nice to you Max. I'm getting this for Cassie some beads so she can make bead necklaces and bracelets.

Enrique: That's good. I'm getting this for Zak and Wheezie the instruments, the ones people played at fiesta.

Max: I love snow on Christmas.

Emmy: Me too.

Enrique: Its a perfect holiday of the year.

Max: We finish writing our letters to Santa Claus. I hope he gets it.

Emmy: I'm sure he will.

Enrique:  Santa Claus is busy man this year and loves children.

Emmy: And you know what, Quetzal said we can help decorate the Christmas tree at the School in the Sky. And they already pick the tree.

Enrique: Wow I can't wait.

Max: Well what are you waiting for? Let's go!

Emmy: Its going to be cold in Dragonland, so we had to wear our winter coats.

( they went get the dragon scale)

Kids: I wish, I wish, with all my heart. To fly with dragons, and a land apart.

(dragons came out the wallpaper and spin Emmy, Max, and Enrique, and they're on their way to Dragonland)

(than they arrived in Dragonland)

Max: Where's our friends?

Emmy: I don't know. We just got to wait.

Enrique: They're they are.

(than Cassie, Ord, Zak, and Wheezie came to see their friends)

Kids: Hi everybody.

Dragons: Hi. Merry Christmas.

Emmy: Merry Christmas to you too.

Max: Here our presents to you.

Enrique: We wrap them ourselves.

Cassie: Oh thank you.

Ord: Thank you.

Zak: Thanks.

Wheezie: Thank you. I loooove Christmas presents.

Emmy: Me too.

Cassie: I love Christmas, its so special this year.

Zak: I love Christmas so we can make music.

Wheezie: And sing Christmas caroles. La la la laaaaaaaaaa!

Ord: I love Christmas cause we can eat some Christmas sweets. Mmm yumm yum.

Max: Well are we ready to decorate the Christmas tree at the School in the sky.

All: Yeah!

Cassie: Let's go!

(they set off to the School in the sky to ready to decorate the Christmas tree)

(when they arrived they saw a tree)

Enrique: Wow.

Emmy: Its beauitful.

Cassie: This tree is perfect to pick.

Quetzal: Hola ninos.

Kids and Dragons: Hola Queztal.

Max: Quetzal, can we start decorate the Christmas tree now? Please?

Quetzal: Of course. I already put the lights on the tree. The decorations are over there, you and can decorate.

Kids and Dragons: Yay!

Quetzal: And don't forget put the Christmas star up on the tree.

Emmy: We will.

(they begin to decorate the tree)

(they put some decorations up and down)

(they continue decorate the tree)

(than they're done)

Max: Its wonderful.

Wheezie: Its pretty.

Emmy: This is perfect.

Zak: Very perfect.

Ord: It looks very nice.

Cassie and Enrique: Its great.

(the Christmas look so beautiful like the northern lights)

(Call from Agent Hailey D.)

Cassie: Oh, we forgot about to Christmas star.

Max: Yeah, where is it?

Wheezie: Quetzal said the star is in the red box.

Zak: There it is, Emmy can you go get it?

Emmy: Okay.

(Emmy went to get the Christmas star; when she open the red box she look shocked)

Emmy: Oh no!

Ord: What's wrong, Emmy?

Emmy: The Christmas star is gone!

Others: Gone?!

Enrique: What do you mean gone?

Emmy: The red box is empty.

Cassie: Oh no! Without the Christmas star we won't be able to celebrate Christmas.

Zak: Oh no. We got to find it.

(Tablet answers automaticly)

Agent Hailey: Agent E! Agent E!

Emmy: Yes Agent Hailey.

Agent Hailey: Agent E, Dr. Dinoshmertz is doing evil on Christmas! He's built an abandoned theater, made an abandoned hot dog stand, and more! Can you stop him?

Emmy: Be there in a minute.

Max: Let's tell Quetzal.

(they set off to tell Quetzal what happened)

(they tell Quetzal about the missing Christmas star)

Wheezie: We can't celebrate Christmas Eve without the star in the tree.

Emmy: We didn't know where it is.

Quetzal: Oh my. Hmm I see there's a hole in the red box, it must have been fallen out.

Cassie: Oh dear, we got to find it and fast.

Ord: Or we won't say celebrate Christmas without it.

Max: Come on, let go find it.

Emmy: We're be back, don't worry. We're going to save Christmas and find it.

(they set off to find the Christmas star)

Quetzal: Be careful ninos. Its going to be a snow storm so be warm and toasty.

(so the kids and their dragon friends look for the Christmas star, they look and look and look and look and look; but nothing no sign of the Christmas star)

Zak: We search everywhere.

Enrique: But we can't find it.

Cassie: We can't find the star either.

Emmy: This is terrible. Where can the star be?

Max: Look, there's a three snow mountains. If we look over there we can see the Christmas star landed.

Ord: Good idea.

Wheezie: Let's go.

(they went to three snow mountains to find the star)

Emmy: Look carefully if you see the star.

(they look carefully and look and look and look but nothing)

Enrique: I don't see it.

Ord: I don't either.

Zak: Where can it be? We never be able to find the star.

Cassie: We're not giving up, never!

Emmy: Cassie's right. We don't want to cancel Christmas we all want to be happy, right?

Others: Right!

Emmy: Than let's continue on.

(they continue to find the Christmas star)

Max: Hey, I saw something light.

Zak: Where?

Max: There!

(they follow the light and saw is the crystal light not the star)

Cassie: That's not a star. Its only a Crystal light to protect us out here when it fogs.

Enrique: Brr, its getting cold.

Emmy: Very cold. We had to be careful, Quetzal says its going to be a snow storm and we had to be warm.

Zak: Emmy's right. We had to be warm and safe.

(wind blows)

Max (shivers): I'm getting cold.

Cassie: W w we got to find the star fast before the snow storm is coming.

Wheezie: Look, I see a bridge maybe can find the Christmas star over there.

Emmy: Good call. Let's check over there.

(they begin to cross the bridge)

(the wind blows harder)

Ord: The storm is almost here, we better hurry.

Zak: Be careful, the bridge is wiggly to cross.

(they cross the bridge very slowly)

(they look to find the star; they kept looking and looking and looking and looking and looking. But there's no sign of the star)

Wheezie: We can't find it anywhere.

Cassie: I guess we should go back, the snow storm almost here.

(they went back and cross the bridge slowly)

Zak: Careful.

Ord: I am.

(than there was trouble, three woods on the bridge broke and Emmy fall)

(Emmy screams)

Max: Emmy!

Emmy: Help!

Enrique: Hang on Emmy! Take my hand!

Emmy: Don't let go!

Enrique: I won't!

(Enrique grunt to pull his friend up and there's another trouble; four woods broke and Enrique fall)

Enrique: Whoa! Hang on!

Emmy: Hurry, I'm slipping!

Enrique: I'm trying!

(than the rope broke)

(Enrique and Emmy sceams)

Ord: I got you!

(Ord pull Enrique and Emmy up)

Cassie: Thank goodness.

Zak: Are you both all right?

Wheezie: You're okay.

Max: Are you all right, Emmy?

Emmy: I'm fine. Thanks.

Enrique: Si. Gracias.

Ord: You gave us a scared.

Emmy: Look! I saw something shiny.

(they look something shiny down there, there it was a Christmas star)

Max: Its a Christmas star!

Zak: Emmy Enrique! You found it!

(all cheers)

Cassie: We saved Christmas!

Zak: Now we can celebrate!

Ord: We got to get the star out of here.

Max: I'm a smallest. I'll get it, give me some ropes to hold.

(they gave the ropes and tight Max tight so he can get it)

Zak: Go get it Max. And be very careful.

Max: I will.

(Max show the star and begin to reach it)

Max: Just alittle more. Alittle further. More more more. Alittle more, keep going.

(than Max reach and got to the star)

Max: I got it!

Others: Hooray!

Emmy: Pull Max up safety.

(they put Max up safety and got him)

(they cheer and sound happy and joy)

Ord: Now we can celebrate Christmas!

Cassie: Let's go.

(they rush back to the School in the Sky)

(the wind blows harder)

Wheezie: Brr. We wont get out of here and this weather.

Voice: Maybe I can help.

(they look up and saw it was Santa Claus with his eight reindeer)

Max: Its Santa Claus!

Wheezie: He's real.

Santa Claus: Ho ho ho. I heard you're looking for a Christmas star and I see you found it.

Emmy: You know we're on a mission?

Santa Claus: Of coure I do Emmy. I can't let you go back home with this terrible wheather. Why you hope on my slid and I'll take you home.

(all agreed and hope on the Santa's slid)

Santa: Max, I heard you small alittle bigger. How would you like to sit with me and help me make the reindeers fly.

Max: Really? All right!

(Max went to sit Santa and help to make the reindeer fly)

Max: Reindeer reindeer. Please take us back to the School in the Sky. Ha!

(than the reindeer begin to fly up in the sky)

(all oohing and ahhing)

Santa: Ho ho ho!

Kids & Dragons (singing): Jingle bells jingle bells. Jingle all the way. All the fun is use to ride, and on the ride of open slid. Hey! (laughing)

(than they arrive the school in the sky just in time, the sun is setting)

Zak and Wheezie: Thank you Santa.

Ord: Yes, thank you.

Cassie: You made us so happy.

Enrique: Si Senoir Claus.

Santa Claus: It was my pleasure. And thank you all caring and believe me, I hope you had a wonderful Christmas. Ho ho ho! Dash Dancer, dash Prancer, fly us home to give gifts for children.

(Santa fly away, all saying goodbye, thanks, and saying Merry Christmas to Santa)

Quetzal: Ninos you're back! You found a Christmas star.

Emmy: Yes we did.

Max: And we saw Santa Claus and he takes us home.

Quetzal: Sounds interesting.

Cassie: Come on, let's put to the star up in that tree.

Wheezie: Come on, Zaky. Let's help Emmy and Enrique put the star in the tree.

(Zak and Wheezie help Emmy and Enrique, and they put the star on the tree)

All: Hooray!

Quetzal: Well done!

Lorca: Wow, the tree is wonderful.

Pricilla: It looks so beautiful.

(all school kids sound excited)

Emmy: This is the best Christmas ever.

Max: It sure is.

Enrique: Si. Christmas is wonderful this time of year.

(they all group hand and hand around the Christmas tree)

Everyone (singing): We wish you're a Merry Christmas. We wish you're a Merry Christmas. We wish you're a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. (cheers)

Quetzal: Merry Christmas everybody.

Kids & All Dragons: Merry Christmas!

Emmy: Now to deal with that Dr. Dinoshmirtz.

Humans (singing): Dinoshmirtz Abandoned Theater!

(Emmy goes in to find Dr. Dinoshmirtz)

Dr. Dinoshmirtz: Emily! You're here! What have you got for me? Did I get a present?

Emmy: No, Your time is over. You do a lot of evil and it's your turn to be stopped.

Dr. Dinoshmirtz: What?

(Emmy calls for her dogs)

(Dogs growl at Dr. Dinoshmirtz)

(Call from Agent Hailey D.)

Emmy: Hi. I stopped Dr. Dinoshmirtz!

Agent Hailey: Good work Agent E!

(at night in the human world; Emmy and Max look at the pretty stars in the sky, they got their night clothes to wear)

Max: I can't wait til Santa comes.

Emmy: Me too. As long if we go to sleep.

Mom: Okay kids, time for bed.

Dad: You don't want Santa to see you awake.

Max: No mom and dad.

Emmy: We were just excited.

(they went back to their bedrooms)

Emmy: It was fun and cold adventure.

Max: Yes and we're glad we found a Christmas star and save Christmas in Dragonland.

Emmy: We sure did. Tomorow its going to be a happy day.

Max: Yes it is. Good night Emmy, Merry Christmas.

Emmy: Good night Max. Merry Christmas.

(they turn off their light in their bedroom)

(while the kids fall asleep, outside night Santa Claus flies high in the sky with his reindeer and gifs for children)

Santa: Ho ho ho! Merry Christmas.

the end

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!