"No Hitter" is the second (now first) segment of the 20th episode of Dragon Tales, and also the show's Halloween episode.

No Hitter
Season: 1
Production code: Columbia
Broadcast number: 20a
Written by:
Andrea Libman
Storyboards by:
Carol A. Turkington
Written & Storyboarded by:
Chantal Strand
Directed by:
Kathleen Barr
Broadcast Information
PBS Kids Premiere:
October 22, 1999
Paired with
Blowin' In The Wind


The gang plays a game of dragonbasketball but suddenly Max hits Emmy and kicks Ord.


The episode begins with Emmy and Max in the playroom playing with the ball. When they were called to Dragon Land, Quetzal was coaching the game. The gang discussed rules about the game of dragonbasketball. Max was mad and said he could pitch, and did so in the playroom, he hit Emmy, making her cry. Quetzal reminded Max that it's okay to be angry, but he needs to use his words and not his fists, but suddenly Max again hit Ord in the tail, making him cry. Max was out of the game for a while, because he did not follow the rules of the game like last time, until he finally learned his lesson and got back in the game, ending the episode.


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