Dragon Tales - Sand Castle Hassle

Emmy and Max on bathing suits and goes swimming in the swamp.

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Emmy packs a shovel and a pail so they can do sand castles at the beach. Then, Max pretends to make sandcastles so he can't wait for sandcastles. Then, Max and Emmy went to Dragon Land and meets Ord. Then, Max and Emmy waves their hands and both say Hi, Ord! then, Ord picks up Max and Emmy at the beach. Then, Ord throws Max and Emmy in the ocean and gets wet. Then Max, Emmy and their friends went to the outdoor museum and meets Quetzal. Then, Max and Emmy digs sand in the pail. Then, Max, Emmy and their friends dumps the pail in the sand and makes a sandcastle for Sand Castle Hassle. Then, Max, Emmy and their friends will get dragonberry sandwiches in the outdoor museum. Will Cassie get dragonberry sandwiches and get it there in no time for the beach?


Max wears just his swim trunks on Zak Takes a Dive .

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