Snow Dragons
Snowy dragons
Season: 1
Production code: 003
Broadcast number: 6
Story by:
Andrea Libman
Written by:
Cliff Ruby
Storyboards by:
Chantal Strand
Written & Storyboarded by:
Eli Gabay
Directed by:
Tim Eldred
Broadcast Information
PBS Kids Premiere:
September 20, 1999
Paired with
The Fury Is Out On This One


Quetzal tells Max and Ord to meet him at the Snow Dragon in the Stickleback Mountains, but they get lost in the snow on the way.


Max and Emmy are dressed warmly, as Quetzal is taking them to Snowy Summit. Max wants to bring along a lot of toys, but Emmy explains that you don't need toys to have fun in the snow. When they get to Dragon Land, Quetzal enjoys a short reminisce about playing at Snowy Summit. Emmy wants to know where Cassie is and Quetzal explains that she's getting over a cold. Emmy stays behind to keep Cassie company and Quetzal takes Max and Ord to Snowy Summit. When Ord finds a log that looks like a sled, they forget Quetzal's advice to stay together. It's not long before they're lost. At first, they're not too worried, but when they can't find Quetzal (who's looking for them), they become more concerned. Thankfully, they come across the Burping Rock which points them in the right direction, as the Snow Dragon was just past Icicle Falls. But their quest to reunite with Quetzal takes a chilly tumble when Ord’s wings freeze over in ice and snow, causing an inevitable crash landing. Scared, stranded and hungry (mostly in Ord’s case as seeing how much he eats), Max begins to lose hope as Ord bursts into tears, fearing that they may be lost on Snowy Summit forever and might never see their families again. Can they work together to find Quetzal?.

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