So Long Solo
Season: 2
Production code: WIP
Broadcast number: WIP
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Broadcast Information
PBS Kids Premiere:
January 21, 2000
Paired with
"Hands Together"


Zak invites the Jugglebug to perform in the Twilight Talent Show, but Wheezie scares him away by playing her trumpet.


Zak and Wheezie are going to perform in the Twilight Talent Show. Wheezie is going to play her trumpet, and Zak wants to find a jugglebug to do some tricks for the audience. Because Wheezie's trumpet playing is too loud, it scares the jugglebug away, so Emmy suggests using the alone cone and putting it over Wheezie's trumpet. Unfortunately she does not like the way the trumpet sounds. So Zak and Wheezie decide to take turns helping each other. Later, Wheezie loses her music, but the jugglebug saves the day by helping her learn the last part of her solo. At the talent show, Wheezie plays her trumpet while the jugglebug hums the melody of the trumpet while juggling. Zak and Wheezie's badges glow as a result of their cooperation.