File:Tingle's Rosy Rupeeland Music - Uncle Rupee
 Emmy and Max's Uncle Roberto is getting marry to his childhood good friend Amara tomorrow. But when Max and Emmy were argue something which clothes or shoes they can wear on their wedding tomorrow. When the dragons call them, Emmy and Max set off to Dragonland so they can decided which shoes and clothes they can wear on their Uncle's wedding later. When they got here; they wear at Cassie's house. When Cassie's five teenagers brothers and sisters, Sita, Edgar, Martin, Kirsty, and Rodney are not getting along and having trouble to decided what they want to do. So Cassie ask her friends to help her brothers and sisters stop being angry, so her says yes and they help. They ask what they're troubles, so Cassie's brothers and sisters still talking and arguing one at a time. So Cassie's sister Sita and her brother Rodney wants to go at the beach to be nice and cool. But Cassie's brother Edgar and her sister Kirsty wants to paint pictures. But Cassie's brother Martin wants to go a park to play volley ball. So Cassie tolds them they can do one at a time, and wait they're turn. So Martin goes first and tells them he want to go to a park and play volley ball. They went to the park and play volley ball after they're done, they set off home. So Sita and Rodney wants to go to the beach, so they set off to the beach and have fun. After that now its Edgar and Kirsty turn to paint pictures. So they begin painting and fun. Cassie is proud her brothers and sisters are having fun, since they forgot how they argue and which they want to do. After its snack time they went to a kitchen to get some food. Ord, Zak, Wheezie, and Emmy wants dragonberry yogurt, and Max and Cassie wants cream puff. But Cassie's brothers and sisters not sure what they want. So Edgar, Sita, and Martin wants strawberry banana pudding but Kirsty and Rodney wants some popcorn, so they argue about it. Cassie can't take anymore their troubles so she ran off and need to be alone. Cassie's friends are catching up to her, Cassie is worried her brothers and sisters doesn't love each others or get along. Emmy told her that its a hard time to make decision and think what they want to do but you can choose they either way. Cassie thought that Emmy is right, so she went to the kitchen to talk her brothers and sisters. Cassie's brothers and sisters apoligze to Cassie to hear them arguing, Cassie forgives and them and tells them to choose either way. So they argree and decide to make dragonberry pudding. So they gang make the pudding and after its finish they begin to eat. Cassie's teenagers are happy and thank their little sister and her friends. So Max and Emmy went back home, they not sure which clothes or shoes they can wear their's Uncle Roberto's wedding. So they decide to choose they're way and look nice and wonderful. They agree that they can choose what they want and have fun.

The actual troubles

They all sad because they are unloved

Just like me

But I hope that will change today.