【東方Symphonic Power Metal】 Locked Girl ~ The Girl's Secret Room 「S.S.H

【東方Symphonic Power Metal】 Locked Girl ~ The Girl's Secret Room 「S.S.H. & Aether」-0

 Emmy, Max, and their friend Enrique are having fun playing costume. They said there's going to be a Costume Party in Dragonland. Max decided to wear super hero costume, Enrique is wearing Mexico dancer, and Emmy is wearing her fairy costume. They set off to Dragonland to help the dragons ready for the party. The kids came just in time, the dragons are already for the costume party. Cassie dressed up like a princess, Ord is a cowboy, and Zak and Wheezie are jungle explorers. They all excited going to a Costume Party at the School in the Sky. Everyone has their costumes on ready for the party, all except one. Cassie, Ord, Zak, and Wheezie introduce Emmy, Max, and Enrique their new dragon named Didi, the dragons told the kids she is new here yesterday. Didi says hello to Max, Emmy, and Enrique; Cassie asks Didi what's a matter and look worried. Didi explained that she didn't know what costume she's going to wear at the Costume Party. So they gang help her; when they find any costume she wants to wear, Didi doesn't think the costume isn't right and try everything. So Wheezie find a costume for Didi, it was a flower ballerina costume. Didi says its perfect and beautiful to wear, she thank her friends and ready for a costume party. When they got here at the School in the Sky just in time, the costume party about to start right now. Everyone having fun they play limbo, hide and seek, london bridge, have a snack, and dance. Didi having a good time with her new friends she met. When Quetzal arrived to the School in the Sky he is surprised that. He totally forgot it is Costume party at the School in the Sky today, and he also didn't bring his costume to wear. So Didi had a good and wonderful idea, they decide to make new costume for Quetzal. So they got their arts and crafts and begin to make a new costume for their teacher. After they're done, they can give Quetzal a new costume for the party. When the young dragons and kids give Queztal new costume, Quetzal is so delight. They made him a wheater seasons spring, summer, fall, and winter costume for him, so Quetzal thank them and it was Didi's idea. He thank her to make him happy and let the costume party begin. Everyone is having a wonderful time at Costume Party, even Didi is happy and most happy to make new friends. After Max, Emmy, and Enrique went back home to the play home, they wear alittle tire but they have fun. Enrique wants to know what they're going to do, so Max and Emmy decide to have their own costume party and have pizza for snack. They all agreed and said this is going to be a best costume party ever.


The Costume Party episode on Season 4.

Didi first appeared on Dragon Tales episodes. Cause Cassie, Ord, Zak and Wheezie told Max, Emmy, and Enrique they met her yesterday.


Max's super hero costume looks just like Robin on Teen Titans tv show.

Emmy's fairy costume looks like Luci wearing putting on a play Little Bunny Fufu for Michael and Amy's dad for his birthday show on Barney and the Backyard Gang: The Backyard Show.

Cassie's princess costume looks just like Sophia Grace and Rosie.

Didi's flower ballerina costume even look like Disney's Fantasia.