The Furry Is Out On This One
Mad max
Season: 1
Production code: 003
Broadcast number: 6b
Written by:
Chantal Strand
Storyboards by:
Ty Olsson
Written & Storyboarded by:
Scott McNeil
Directed by:
Phil Weinstein
Broadcast Information
PBS Kids Premiere:
September 20, 1999
Paired with
Snow Dragons


Max gets mad after losing Dragon Tag and whips a pod at a tree, releasing a Fury, a little creature who grow bigger when people get angry. To stop him from getting even bigger, Emmy and the dragons help Max control his anger.


The episode begins with Max builds a block tower and it keeps falling down, When they were called to Dragon Land, they were playing dragon tag, Max went on to look for Zak and Wheezie and he grew mad and found a fury inside a pine cone that grows when people get angry, The dragons tried calming techniques to help Max calm down, and the dragons found the fury inside the river, The first technique was Zak and Wheezie sits on a quiet pillow when they get mad, so the dragons couldn't find a quiet pillow, so Max sat on a quiet rock and Zak insisted him in taking deep breaths and Max got mad again, Max couldn't find the fury, whipping the tree, grew mad and fell, the fury grew bigger, the final technique was counting backwards when Emmy was mad at Max, finally he felt better and the fury was shrinking, told Quetzal his friends helped him and finally was playing dragon tag, finally grew mad again and played again, ending the episode.

Character summary

Main characters:


  • Max was mad at Emmy in the episode, No Hitter.
  • This is the 1st episode where the playroom wasn't seen in the end. The 2nd episode is Eggs Over Easy. The 3rd episode is It Happened One Nightmare, & the 4th episode is To Fly With A New Friend, Pt. 1.

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