It is St.Patrick's Day, Emmy and Max wears green clothes for every year. When they read about the lepechaun and the pot of gold in the rainbow, they look so amazed. Max wishes he can see and meet the real leprechaun, but Emmy doesn't think leprechaun isn't real. So they went to Dragonland, everyone is wearing St.Patrick's Day hats, necklace, stickers, and pins. When Max told them about the leprechaun with his pot of gold of rainbow. Wheezie believes there maybe a real leprechaun here, but Zak doesn't believe leprechaun is real. When Quetzal tells them they're be a St.Patrick's Day party today. So Quetzal tells a story about the Leprachaun everyone is excited, but Zak and Emmy doesn't think leprechaun isn't real. But Wheezie and Max ignore them. So Zak and Wheezie ask Quetzal give the two crystals to be seperated. Now Zak and Wheezie are apart, so they can do what they want to do. Max and Wheezie set off to find the leprechaun so they can show Emmy and Zak he is real. When they got lost; they don't know what to do, they set off to help someone to help them. Suddenly they saw a small person with green clothes, there is was a real leprechaun. Wheezie and Max are excited and happy. When they about to introduce the leprechaun, but he just ran away. So Max and Wheezie run after him. At the School in the Sky, everyone is getting ready for the party. When Lorca came up, he said Max and Wheezie are missing. Zak and Emmy are worried, they said they didn't believe real leprechaun now they worried about them. So Cassie, Ord, and Lorca help Zak and Emmy to find Max and Wheezie. Max and Wheezie were trying to the ran away leprechaun, they told him they would never hurt him and stole the pot of gold. When the leprechaun heard this he felt ashamed, so he stop ranning away and meet them. They introduce, and they ask why you scared if someone's find the pot of gold. So the leprechaun explained that he didn't want anything happened to it. Max and  Wheezie believed and saw a beautiful rainbow. When the gang found them they were surprised, they saw the real leprechaun and introduce them. Zak and Emmy apoligze to Max and Wheezie and now they believe. The leprachaun took them to see the pot of gold in the rainbow, he explained pot of gold isn't real; it just chocolate chip cookies, so they gang ate it and they begin to leave. So the leprechaun took them on the rainbow and slide down home and wave goodbye to the leprechaun. The party at School in the School begin, they had wonderful time and a secret to saw a leprechaun. So Max and Emmy went back home, they had a good time. So Emmy tells Max she sorry doesn't believe so Max forgives her. When begin to color the new coloring book and there was a leprechaun in the coloring book.

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