The Talent Pool
Season: 1
Production code: WIP
Broadcast number: WIP
Written by:
Broadcast Information
PBS Kids Premiere:
September 20, 1999
Paired with
"A Picture's Worth A Thousand Words"


Emmy was playing football in her room while Max was eating. She kicked the football and the football threw the plate in which Max was eating. The food was spilled on Maxs face. Her mother asked her that what had happened in her room but she said nothing has happened. They decided to go to Dragon Land as Emmy wanted to play football and Max wanted to eat Dragon biscuits. When they reached, they found all dragons doing something. Cassie notices that all her friends have special talents except her, so she goes to the Talent Pool to finds a talent. However, the Pool turns out to be grumpy and refuses to give Cassie a talent. The pool says that if she makes the pool laugh, he will give her a talent. Cassie tried but failed. They all went back, while returning Cassie thought something and went again to the pool to make him laugh. Cassie made him laugh by doing something. The pool asked him which talent does she want. She said that she does not want any talent, she just wanted to make him laugh. She returned back to the place where competition was held. She helped others for getting them ready for the competition. She said that she has got her talent i.e., she helps everyone.

Characters Appeared