Wheezie's Last Laugh is the 50th story of the Dragon Tales series. It aired along with Frog Prints on January 21, 1999. [1]


While searching through the toy box, Max declares a game of soccer upon finding a soccer ball, but Emmy tells Max they can't play soccer because their dad started to mow the lawn. Max therefore decides to go to Dragon Land and play.

Upon arriving in Dragon Land, Ord is seen eating an ice cream cone when Max kicks the soccer ball into the cone, which confused Ord. Ord therefore decides to play upon Emmy's offer. He begins to play, but then Max reminds Ord that he can't use his hands Ord then sets his ice cream cone like a golf tee and places the ball on the cone. He then gives the ball a tail whip, sending the ball into Zak and Wheezie's knuckerhole. They launch out of their hole with the ball and agree to play. Using her tail, Wheezie pokes the ball going past Max and into a bush. Ord then goes to retrieve the ball, but is sidetracked when he sees a dragon frog sitting on the ball. The frog starts to crow like a rooster, which startles Ord because frogs are not supposed to crow like roosters.

Ord then turns back to the bush to get the ball back, but he is confronted by a gnome who thinks it's funny for a frog sound like a rooster. He jumps out and introduces himself as Mr. Pop. Emmy then asks how he made the frog sound like a rooster and Mr. Pop shows the gang his super-duper sound switcher. He demonstrates it when Ord takes out a tooter by sucking the sound like a pump into a bottle attached to his invention and then takes the tooter sound and inserts it into Max's underarm. Mr. Pop then shows off several bottled sounds in his coat, which prompts Wheezie to ask where she could get one of his sounds. But she is questioned if she could trade her laugh for one of Mr. Pop's two tiny giggles. Wheezie declines the offer, stating that she likes her laugh as she has it. Furious, Mr. Pop catches Wheezie off-guard and steals her laugh! Wheezie did not believe him until she tried to laugh. Mr. Pop runs away. Max and Emmy run after him, but failed to catch him. Ord then tries sneeking behind Mr. Pop, but he jumps to avoid Ord. A furious Wheezie says at Mr. Pop, telling him to "Come back with my laugh." Zak and Wheezie get a hold of Mr. Pop and were able to steal his sound switcher back, but were fooled when they discover the bottle is not Wheezie's laugh.

Meanwhile, the gang discovers a dragon rooster is mooing like a cow. Emmy's idea is to follow the voices that are mismatching. While looking around, the gang along with the dragon frog discover the cow croaking like a frog. They then take the mismatching voices and insert the voices into the correct animals. Everyone was normal, except Wheezie, who was missing her voice. Emmy then asks the cow where Mr. Pop ran off to. The cow points her tail in the direction where Mr. Pop's hideout was located in and proceed in that direction.

While the gang was approaching the cave where Mr. Pop was hiding in, they hear a lion roaring. It appeared that Mr. Pop used a Dragon Lion's roar to deter intruders from entering the cave behind the waterfall. The gang enters the cave thinking that there was a lion inside, but instead, was filled with junk toys. Max then tries playing a trumpet he finds in the cave, only to see the sound is missing, as Emmy points out. Just then, the gang hears within the cave. They go closer to find Mr. Pop laughing uncontrollably to some of the funny sounds he plays. Wheezie confronts Mr. Pop to get her laugh back. Mr. Pop points out another shelf of sound effects, which worries Wheezie since she and Zak can't find her laugh in that shelf. Ord then tries to take a bottle out, which causes the shelf to collapse and the bottles to fall to the floor. While trying to evade the falling bottles, Wheezie hears her laugh. However, Zak unknowlingly picks the wrong bottle, causing Wheezie to sound like a trumpet when he gives her the sound. Max insists that the sound belongs to the trumpet. Zak takes the sound and inserts it into the trumpet, and then he hears Wheezie's laugh again. However, he picks another wrong bottle, which causes Wheezie to sound like a foghorn. Zak has no choice but to steal Mr. Pop's laugh.

Zak confuses Mr. Pop by telling him that he has a funny sound for Mr. Pop. He starts laughing, but is swipped of his laugh when he wasn't paying attention. Zak then replaces Mr. Pop's laugh with a braying donkey, which makes Mr. Pop feel terrible. Zak makes a deal that he'll give his laugh back if he gave Wheezie her laugh back. With nowhere to run or hide, Mr. Pop gave up, and returned Wheezie her laugh. Zak then restores Wheezie's laugh, and then Mr. Pop's. Mr. Pop therefore apologizes for his misconduct. As a last laugh, Max then takes a vase with a farting noise within, and then Mr. Pop triggers additional noises on his shelf.

Upon teleporting back home, Emmy and Max are thrilled to hear that their dad has finished mowing the lawn, so they could play soccer out front. But as Max was leaving the playroom, Emmy hears a different sound from Max's footprints, thinking that Mr. Pop must have swapped that noise before leaving Dragon Land. Max denies it, explaining that all the laughing gave him the hiccups.


  • This is one of few episodes where Cassie does not appear.

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