Sonic X - Theme Song

Sonic X - Theme Song

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 Emmy and Max are having painting pictures. Max say his favorite is blue and his second favorite color is purple. Emmy said her favorite color is red and her second favorite color is pink. Emmy says painting pretty colors is alot more fun. So they went to Dragonland to visit their friends, when they arrived and Dragonland everything is quiet and no one's around. When Cassie, Ord, Zak, and Wheezie arrived they told Emmy and Max they're going to paint today. Emmy is very excited about it. When they set off to place Rainbow Canyan, they pick any colors they want but Emmy pick all colors just like a rainbow. So the gang starting to paint, they paint any picture they want. When the wind blows Emmy's picture away, they told them keep painting and she set off herself to get her picture. When Emmy got her picture she saw something amazement, she find herself she's at cave called Rainbow Colorful Magic Cave. When she got to to the cave she is very excited. She saw some pretty colors that looks like a rainbow, and she continue look around she saw something shiny. Emmy follow the shiny and there is was a rainbow diamond magic stone. Emmy picks it up and see its very beautiful, when she saw some words begin to read. The words says, "If you love all beautful colors, make a wish and your wish will come true." And the second words says, "Before you make a wish, you had to say what's your two favorite colors." Emmy is delighted, than she said to the rainbow magic diamond stone her two favorite colors are red and pink. Than she close her eyes and made a wish, she wishes she's all colors around her. Than the rainbow stone flashes around Emmy. When Emmy open her eyes she surprised, her clothes, shoes, hair, skins, and body all colors like a rainbow. The colors around her are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, viloet, and pink. She is so surprised and happy, she got her wish she want to be. Emily set off to show Max and the dragons about her wish and mysterious cave. After Emily left she didn't notice someone is hiding. Max and the dragons are looking for their missing friend, Emmy found them and show them she is all colors around her. Max and the dragons are look very shocked and surprised. Emmy told them about the Rainbow Colorful Magic Cave and the pretty Rainbow Magic Diamond Stone she found and make a wish. Wheezie Max, and Ord likes it so much but Cassie and Zak aren't sure the colors can stay on Emmy. Emmy saw gray flower with no colors, than she touches and than suddenly the gray flower becomes colors like a rainbow. The gang are surprised and so was Emmy, she touch the gray flower and make it pretty colors. Emmy decided to be colorful person and save the world by turning into gray. Cassie and Zak think it doesn't sound like a idea. So Emmy set off to find everything, Max and the dragons came to catch up Emmy. Emmy is far to busy and excited about pretty colors. Zak wants Emmy to stop but Emmy won't listen and continue to have fun. Cassie tries to tell her please turn back to normal and have fun yourself, but Emmy won't do as Cassie says. Emmy was having to much fun and excited, and she saw a gray butterfly and she turns the butterfly into pretty colors. Emmy was excited to be colors all around her, than suddenly she started to faint. The gang rush to her and tell them she felt dizzy and funny. Zak and Cassie told her you can stay be colorful forever, Emmy felt disspointed about it. Max and the dragons wants her to understand its okay to like colors but its not all right be coming around her. So Emmy understands and want to go back and change her wish, so they set off to Rainbow Colorful Magic Cave. Emmy tries to find someone to help change her and be back to normal, than a girl appeared with a beautiful hair rainbow colors and blue and green eyes. They introduced and girl introduced her name is Sunlight. Sunlight explains everything and saw Emmy found a Rainbow Magic Diamond Stone. Emmy ask her kindly to change her wish being back normal. Sunlight will help but told her that don't get carried away and have more fun. Emmy agreed and Sunlight use her rainbow wand and help Emmy. Than Emmy got the stone, close her eyes, and change her wish, she said she wishes to be back normal. Than the stone and wand flashes around Emmy, and when Emmy open her eyes she is happy. Her body, skins, hair, clothes, and shoes are not rainbow colors not more just the way she is. Max and the gang are happy and give Emmy a hug, Emmy thanked Sunlight for helping her. Sunlight is glad to help when the sun goes down they wave goodbye their new friend and good home. Emily and Max went home back in their playroom, Emmy didn't say another but smile. Emily told her brother that she won't get carried away and she chose two colors she likes and be with him. Max smiled and give her big sister a hug.

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