Screw it Emmy packs everything to go to the swamp in Dragon Land. But, Max is swimming on the floor and grabs a diver and knocks down the bag and ruins their swimming stuff. Then, Emmy leaves when Max goes to Dragon Land. Then, Max goes down and makes a very big splash and gets Ord wet. Then, Ord makes an enormous splash and gets Max wet. Then, Max saw Quetzal, Zak, Wheezie, Kiki and Finn in the swamp. Then, Quetzal gives Max a lifejacket and hops into the lake. Then, we saw Zak and Wheezie getting their feet wet. But, Zak and Wheezie does not know how to swim. Then, Zak and Wheezie sits down on the ground and do nothing. Then, Shelly appears in Zak Takes a Dive. Shelly asked Max to give him some swimming lessons, but he did. Then, Max learns swimming lessons for Shelly. Then, Max came back from his swimming lessons and meets Ord. Then, Ord picked up Max and throws Max in the water. Then, Max got wet from the water. Then, Max and Everyone started Splash Fight. At the End, Max goes home and the water is in the playroom. Then, Max opens the door and Max had a tidal wave. Then, the water in the house floods everywhere. Finally, Max meets Emmy outside and gets Max and Emmy wet from the water.


Max wears just his swim trunks on Sand Castle Hassle, not the tank top in the unlike episode To Kingdom Come.