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Wheezie without Zack

Wheezie without Zack

Zack with out wheezie

Zack without wheezie

Zak and Wheezie are brother and sister–one body and two heads. Zak is the younger brother and Wheezie is the tomboyishly beautiful older sister. Despite being music lovers,

The Nice Hydra with a blue tummy and wings.

their complete opposite personalities can often cause an argument between the two of them. 


Despite being a two-headed dragon, both Zak & Wheezie are complete opposites of each other:

  • Zak is neat, quiet, orderly, stubborn, arrogant, & pessimistic cautious
  • Wheezie is wild, loud, friendly, free-spirited, crazy, & optimistic despite her beauty.

They're real music lovers, and skilled musicians; they make up a "one-dragon band" which can even play scales on their scales. At times, their opposite personalities can lead to disagreement, but harmony returns when they learn to respect and listen to each other. They'll try anything to get away from each other in moments of anger and despair -- in one episode, they found a magical chant that tried to separate them and it was a success, or the "alone cone", which isolates one head from the other--but in the end they're always glad to be reunited. In the episode, Giant of Nod Wheezie mentions that she is older than Zak, however Zak and Wheezie are twins. Their musical-note badges light up when they can find a way to meet a difficult challenge–like getting along with each other. As with most brothers and sisters, they don't agree on a lot, but when they put their heads together, it's music to their ear holes.


  • In real life, if two people shared portions of a body as Zak and Wheezie do, they would be called conjoined twins, but all conjoined twins are the same gender.
  • Zak and Wheezie may be the oldest of the gang, maybe 7-9 years old.
  • Zak's catchphrase is "Take it easy, Wheezie!" while Wheezie's catchphrase is, "Loooooooove it!"    
  • In the Episode "Try It, You'll Like It" Zak & Wheezie's Stomach Growled
  • They have yellow claws, while all the other dragons have white claws. (This is probably because wheezie refuses to use claw cleaner.)
  • They are conjointed in almost all episodes like Catdog.
  • In one episode they were not conjoint which was the rarest occurrence.

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